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July 07, 2010



I loved this book! Yes it's a bit American and yes it is self indulgent but you will still cry and laugh and drool (I could smell the pizza in Italy!) please read it before you see the film - just in case!
The range of scents is taking it a bit too far though!


Have just ordered this book...looks like a good summer holiday read!
LOVING your blog ladies..only discovered it about 2 weeks ago and have spent many hours just catching up with ev
erything I have missed.
Moved out of london 10 yrs ago and miss the buzz and style. Your blog is helping me to keep in touch. I am a middle aged mum of teenagers, but like to think of myself as stylish and young at heart.


Glad to have you with us Emma..I would take a year off if Javier Bardem came with me...Javier? If you get bored with Penelope, perhaps?

Di Overton

Just to let you know I had to do a post about you two today. I spent way too long on here this morning. Great work!


the book is a must-read, I never fall for these "look inside and rediscover yourself" books anymore but there is something very special and real about this one.

I would definitely read the book before seeing the movie as judging by the trailer it seems quite shallow and Hollywood-esque...so let your imagination take you through the book first.

girls, you are doing a great job, sending you tons of love form nyc, vili x


Ok ordering the book right now and thanks for the lovely feedback. We love writing the blog and always great to hear you love reading it.

Vili I am coming to NYC in two weeks and would love to see you?

J xx

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