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July 14, 2010



Thank you. I am liking the Japanese border print. Xxxx


I DO still have a mid eighties Wallis cashmere and wool coat......complete with shoulder pads! Sadly it has a small amount of moth damage but it is so beautifully made that I have been unable to throw it out. It is a shawl collar flowing A line style from the shoulders, with no belt or fastenings of any kind. The seams are all on the diagonal and topstitched, with the pockets cleverly inset to match the seam. I think I might see if a local vintage clothing shop might like it, as it seems a shame for it to go to waste.
Trying it on just now makes me realise that it must always have swamped me, however overlong overbig stuff was normal back then!
Being a petite I mostly have to look on-line for clothes as the shops are not keen to stock their petite ranges.



Oh Tine it sounds wonderful, what a shame those pesky moths got to it. It might be worth holding off giving the coat away until you see the Wallis coat collection for autumn, it might get a bit of press (we're certainly going to look at it) and your vintage Wallis might gain a couple of pounds in value! Axx


I think I remember that style Tine and love your description of the coat. You sound like a designer to me?
J x


Amanda, Thanks for the tip about holding on to the coat for a little longer. It was £110 in 1986, which seemed a lot of money then.
Jane, Thank you, although I am not a designer I was an apprentice dressmaker at Hardy Amies in the 1970s. It gave me a love of well made clothes and appreciation for design.


Puma Clyde

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Larissa Dobbin

The large border print and floral designs look so good! Really, the clothes have an adult feel to them, but the designs are quite vibrant. These would look wonderful on women over 25. Shopping and trying out these dresses must feel very nice!

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