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July 04, 2010



I love that bracelet - I can't wait to hit shops like Topshop when I get back to the UK for our summer holiday. Soooooo excited !

Lesley Chow

This article was inspiring and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.


Becky Topshop looked totally fab on Saturday, could have bought lots.....Ax


I want that bracelet. Just hope they do in in Milton Keynes branch! Its sooo pretty and I think would look lovey on a 43 yr old woman!

Mary Jenkins

I am looking for a silver "Once Upon a Time' necklace made by Freedom, sold by Topshop.cept I didn't buy it when I saw it, now can't find it online or in shops. Can anyone help?

Byron Jones

It still shows why brick and mortar shops will never die with the loom on the internet shopper.

Josh Goldstein

You got it right with this one. Although I don't particularly like the jewellery you're showing, I do appreciate the way in which you can get the most out of this.

Belstaff Jackets

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