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July 13, 2010



ahhhhh. Interesting. But are they tested on animals? So hard to find cleaning stuff not tested on fluffy wuffy bunnies. (Despite knowing that many bunnies are definitely not fluffy and wuffy but can be quite stroppy, as you know from our 'warren'). That's my excuse for living in a house full of bacteria, and I do email Lush every so often asking them to develop washing powder and washing-up liquid but so far they are not heeding my call.

(Had to wash Ev in Lush 'Grass' last night after a rabbit / non-rabbit food interface)

Ask Aggie for me! And if they are tested on animals, why?


For those of you slightly puzzled by Marv's comment here, Marv keep beautiful house rabbits, who are total poppets apart from their need to chew every electric cable in sight.
My favourite rabbit of hers is Heather, (Ev) who only has three legs, she is named after a similarly legless celeb......
Marv, we will ask for you, leave it to us. Ax


That sounds really cool. I am always concerned about how much chemicals we are putting into our water system. And also dont want to wipe out the good germ either. SOunds like this is a product I have been waiting for. Thanks Xxxx


Ev will be pleased you called her a 'total poppet'. I, as you know, am beta female in the house and fit only to provide Alpha Female (Ev) and Alpha Male (OH, whom Ev adores with a passion) with sustenance and attention.

I know my place, and it is lowly as far as Ev is concerned!

('Ev' because hardly anyone round here says their aitches, so she gets called 'Evver' instead of 'Heather').

That's Not My Age

Love Lakeland and love Aggie, we used to work together (before How Clean) and she's very talented and really nice.


Ok we are going to 'ask Aggie', sounds like a regular feature to us? Yes, Thats not my Age, Aggie is really lovely


Marv, Aggie says they are NOT tested on animals - which is great and she is sending us more to test, so will keep you posted - literally

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