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August 04, 2010



Oh, the High Line looks lovely in that photo. Only seen it in November (still stunning, but a bit Wintery).

I've got to say I haven't felt the anger and agression you speak of in London, I feel safer here than in most UK cities (and I do live in Hackney). NY is lovely, though. The only bit I don't like is the far more in-your-face real down-and-out poverty you see around, even in places like the Upper West Side. Nice to live there if you're rich, not much fun if you're not, whereas I think London (whilst still having poverty black spots) is nowhere near as polarised.


weirdly Mav (and I live in Hackney too) I felt the opposite. I feel there is an air of things ready to kick off at any time in London and that I see obviousl drug and alcohol abuse on the streets often. Dont think either city is great if you are poor, but feIt ordainary people had more of a sense of pride and seemed happier in NY.
But dont get me wrong, I love living in London and Hackney and usually feel safe, but I know my teens dont always) but feel we might (and I cant believe Im saying this!!) learn a thing or two about city living from NYC.
J x


Interestingly, here in Italy I am really loving the fantastic service we are getting from family run restaurants and shops. When it's a family concern (not so familiar in London any more) they really want you to have a good time and seem to throw their heart and soul into it. In all the towns we've been to Mantova, Lucca, Bologna, Forte dei Marmi, it's been the service levels and real desire to help and engage that has made the most impression on us. I think in London we might have lost the desire to be nice to people first, then suspicious after. I am going to be nicer when I return. Ax


You, A, not nice to people????!!!!!

I think we are harder and more suspicious than New Yorkers, but it's years of being bombed by the IRA (other terrorist organisations available) that made us like that, and that's what means we cope much better in adversity (and other terrorist attacks). Sad, but necessary these days. Underneath we are just as nice, but put NY through years of sustained attacks and it would be a police state, I bet.

But I've never met anyone as downright rude in London as some New Yorkers are (yes, I mean you the woman trying to get into Fairway first because you were just so more important than the rest of the world!).

And if you really want underlying violence, drink and drugs on the streets, go to Nottingham. London will be a picnic in the park after you've seen that, I promise. x x x

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