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August 26, 2010



It's kind of comforting to know that the awkwardness doesn't dissipate with age! I feel your maxi/meeting pain.


Getting older is so much easier in some ways - but only if you actually admit it and act your age, something I have yet to earn!!
J x


Oh that is such a funny tale !! I'm not laughing at you, obviously, but with you ! I can't believe it can ever be a good idea, no matter how old you are, to wear a maxi dress when you actually have to accomplice something. They are great for going to the beach or the pool or to a lovely restaurant, but on the bus and round the office ?

Hope you have better luck with your next fashion forward moment. Keep up the good work though, you'll never know if you don't try.


Katie Warrick

I love this! I cried with laughter at "falling over in old lady type way, as your skirt gets caught up in your legs, a bit like your nightie used to when you were a little girl"! Dressing for a day in London is fraught with issues - not least the amount of running we seem to have to do on a daily basis!


Reminds me of the time , back in the early 70's, when I wore a maxi coat(very on-trend then) to work, only to find the lift had broken down and I had to walk up 8 fights of stairs, carrying an armful of post as well as trying to hitch up the skirt of said coat.Not a good start to the day.

Anne Reed

Thanks for making my day start with a guffaw rather than a smile.I laughed out loud at your tale of Maxi tribulations.
Anne x


I think the lesson to be learned is a maxi dress is fine if you are planning nothing other than wafting, but not for anyone with an actual life - but glad I could make you laugh about it.
thanks for reading
J x

Jordan 1

What a pity I miss seeing all those gorgeous knits! Thanks for sharing the photos.


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