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August 15, 2010



I think I have Carols culinary self help book - Dressing Your Salad..


I also have one of her books on first aid - dressing your wound.


I have her book for transvestites/angry people - Cross Dressing


I would like the book because frankly, like black, I'm aging, flat, and a wee bit dull. Well, maybe not me, myself, and I...but the way I dress.


Bonni's winning so far......any other offers? Ax


I had the Vogue Body & Beauty Book and one by Deborah Hutton (or did she write the aforementioned?) who died so tragically young. I also have her book on practical ideas for family and friends called "What can I do to help" written in the year following her diagnosis.

I would love Carol Tuttle's book but am being strong willed and resisting adding to my vast book collection which includes several style books. There was a point some years ago when I looked at pictures of myself in my black working wardrobe and decided that I had seen better looking people on mortuary slabs - I was a nurse many moons ago!

Being of a certain age and noticing the latest colours coming into the shops I have bought myself a purple Barbara Speer dress with matching suede Gabor pumps amd feel like the bees knees! Husband says that the hem isn't straight but what does he know.

Could we ask the lucky recipient if the book has given them and their wardrobe a boost?


J, that's an excellent idea, we definitely will get the winner to report back. The Vogue book was written by Bronwen Meredith but I have the Deb Hutton one too.
How many other people are feeling like they are going off black I wonder? is this a trend? Ax


Bonni, you've got the book, do you want to email me your details to the amanda@thewomensroomblog.com email and I'll send it in the post to you. Axx


Thanks so much!

Dare I say, before and after pictures are being considered (per the author's website)

bye bye, black....hello~o makeover!

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