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September 23, 2010



Can we share him please? Ax


He is gorgeous! My border terrier(small dog who thinks she is big)is now a year old and it's been a steep learning curve...actually like having another baby in terms of responsibilty and guilt..
Teenage daughters now say I prefer her to them, and although this is not strictly true, I have to say there is something wonderful about the constant adoring love you get...

Karen Bradberry

What an adorable pup! Almost 3 years on from getting our pointer, I have no regrets. He is the saviour of my sanity!


He is my little friend and loves me without question, why didnt I do it sooner!!
Think we may have to start a regular dog lovers column!

J x


What a sweet baby! That face is irresistible. Your daughter might, however, want to rethink letting the puppy sleep with her. Sharing a bed with a fuzzy, little puppy is fun. Not so much so with a full-grown labradoodle.


He is no longer in her bed Allyson. Slept through the whole night on his own without a peep last night, shame my children didn't master sleeping through so quickly !

J x


I'll be following suit shortly... breed chosen, await birth and then full-on love-fest. x


OH we got a dog last Christmas and you are so right - it's like having another baby - only one that you can lock in the kitchen when they get a bit annoying ! much better ! It's a whole new world, what with the training and the socialsing and the toilet training - that was the bit that took the longest for us - once you've got that cracked it all gets a lot easier - good luck x

Sue Evans

Whatever happened to Mabel ?


Never wanted a dog! Had cats, gerbils, rabbits, all a bit if a headache if truth we told! But youngest daughter then 9yrs begged for a puppy and as the older siblings were busy slipping away to Uni and 6th form we went to LOOK at a puppy, note just LOOK! Fluffy 8 wek old Lhasa Apso sat on our laps, pulled hubby's shoes laces out and before we knew the £50 deposit was on the table. 3 years on the whole family dotes on 'our baby boy', we waits so gently for us to come home, and makes sucha fuss of us when we do! Love love him soooo much!


Mabel lost the plot Sue and went to live in the country with friends (well not sure they are actually friends any more) she was nervous, anti social and hated living in London. She now lives in a barn - by choice. Shame but for the best.

Jill your dog sounds gorgeous!


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