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September 20, 2010


Claudia Michel

Thank you so much. My son left last wednesday. I went to the beach with husband for celebration and now back home am bereft. Your words were perfect, even state of son's room. They have to have their own lives and how exciting it is for them..... now new doors will open for me as well.


Claudia, I'm glad it helped, it's now Monday morning and I'm finding myself thinking 'shall I phone him to make sure he's awake for his first lesson?' but MAD is telling me to 'get a grip'. it's going to take a while! Ax


Cant bear the thought of it Amanda, is it wrong to hope they want to stay at home with you for ever? Yes i know it is. You need to get a puppy now

Karen Bradberry

Hi. Love your blog. This piece in particular hit a nerve as this time next year I will be in this boat (I hope!)and I'm already anxious about it.


Oooooo - you are treading on dangerous ground with the clearing out the bedroom thing !!! I remember coming home from University and noticing if even one ornament was out of place - perhaps I'm a little OCD and obviously a girl - but you know - just don't make it too clean !!!


I know Becky, I understand this is dodgy ground, but feel a general tidy up and clean will go down well, he's a boy remember and an untidy one at that. I think he'll just be pleased to return to a neat room, altho I might have to get back to you on that one......Ax


will have to do lots of yoga and chanting and general spritual development stuff in run up to both my sons leaving home. fear I will fail miserably and just give in to selfish clasping and possibly bribery in order to make them stay FOREVER.


Aahhh ... this is all sooooo familiar. Its easier with the next one, but once the last one goes, am dreading what we may feel like!


They have to leave at some point. Remember no one wants to date a boy who still lives at home. They also don't want to date a boy whose mum still cleans his room. Do you want them to grow up alone? Do you?

Queen Bee

I think you don't realise how fortunate you are... Our daughter just failed to get her required AAA grades and now has a gap year thrust upon her. The tension in our house - as she searches desperately for work, re-thinks what she wants to do at Uni next year and has her MAD breathing ferocioulsy down her neck (he was looking forward to ruling the roost again) - is awful... I would have loved to have filled a car and transported her, all excited, to her halls of residence. (And I STILL can't get into her room to tidy.)


Oh Queen Bee, I feel for you and I do actually know a bit how you feel. Middle teenageson had to go through clearing, having missed his first and second choice and what a nightmare THAT turned out to be. a couple of his friends also had a gap year thrust upon them and are lost and rather hurt that their mates are all off doing exciting things while they are unexpectedly not. But I'm sure that come next year, with new plans and clear heads, it will all be ok. My heart breaks for your girl, isn't it stupid to be putting this amount of pressure and hurt on them SO uneccessarily? Fingers crossed her gap year turns out to be the best thing ever....Axx


Francesca, you are right, of course. and when you come eventually to send your yet-to-be children off to uni I will be saying it right back to you as you weep on my shoulder......Ax

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