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September 28, 2010



Thanks for the beauty tips....am going to order that strobe cream..sounds essential!!


What great advice - I find skin care very trying indeed. Living in a hot climate my skin gets very dry in patches - I exfoliate nearly every day because it is so dusty and hot here the dirt gets right into your pores - I think I need to investigate this serum business. Should one use a specific night time moisturiser do you think ? I never moisturise at night only in the morning - followed by sunscreen - when I remember - I'm useless !!! Looking forward to the kohl make up tips - I've recently discovered Kohl and am loving it - it doesn't run when it's 45 degrees - yay !!!


Great tips, and good to see none of them require a 2nd mortgage.


Becky, Sonia said that night time was the MOST important as your skin worked hard to repair itself at night, so get moisturising lady!


Oh no - I shall have to rush out now and overload the credit card with night moisturiser purchases - what a nightmare ! Are they all as good as each other do you think - or is there one that is going to make me look 20 again in a week ?!


You might be pushing it with a week's deadline becky, but the Olay ones are good and don't cost the earth, and also the No 7 range of protect and perform has been proved to be effective.

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The idea of adding to my beauty armory sort of terrifies me. For starters, I like to think my current products are working for me. Secondly, which product do I trade in? Which products can I use together?
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