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September 30, 2010



Well, I think that Sonia should be a regular feature on the TWR.... can never get enough of good advice on beauty products. x


There are loads of things I'd like advice on - how to look after your skin when you live in the sun, make up that resists sweat - how to look elegant and like you are wearing just a little make up and what that make up should be - how to do evening out make up when it's still blooming hot and you don't want it sliding down your face after half an hour ! Hair care ? would that be included as well - how to care for your hair in the sun - I could go on all day - I know these are somewhat specific since I'm probably one of your few readers that live in the sun - but hey we all go on holiday every now and then !!!


Excellent ideas Becky, we'll book in a blog about hot skin care with Sonia! Ax


I recently learned that bronzer technique from a makeup guy at Bare Essentuals and it really does work well. I've never quite known what to do with bronzer and I think what I mostly used to do, if anything, was give myself rather hectic high colour on my cheeks. But this way is SO good, and the "make a 3" is really easy to achieve. I didn't know about the under-the-chin bit and can hardly wait to try it. Thanks a bundle!


Has to be foundation for me - I need some coverage these days but really can't be doing with applying liquid foundation every day and mineral versions just settle into my creases (sob!). What's the answer?


I think foundation is a must for our next one....Ax

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