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September 13, 2010



Good point, well made. Does the 'invisible' designer get a fair cut?!


Not always, but in this case I do hope so, Beau!


As an academic who mainly teaches (although I do have a small research program), I have always admired those colleagues who give full credit to the graduate students who work with them on publications, listing them as co-editors. Similarly, I am always impressed by writers who fully acknowledge the prodigious work done by their translators. I'm sure Ms. Beckham's "help" are well renumerated, but I'd be v. impressed to see her acknowledge the complexity of design, humble enough to admit that it's not something that can be picked up part-time, on the side, in a matter of months or even a year or two. After all, she's already got a damned shiny CV of her own!


So agree materfamilias, and sincerely hope Ms B acknowledges her talent, even if its only in private.


I always enjoy your blog - subject matter and writing style. Now I de-lurk to say "thanks for saying what needed to be said."


I have mixed feelings about Mrs B's clothes. I was invited to the last press day, only to be shown samples that were incredibly grubby and a couple had hems falling down. There was little sign of careful stitching or robust seams.The PR was almost proud of this, it was because the dresses were in such demand from celebs to wear out 'for free' that it was hard to keep order.
Here's an idea then, if you know the dresses are celeb favs, make two sets of samples, one for the publicity and one for fashion hacks to work from.
I wasn't sure the dresses had any character, they are clearly very Victoria, but they lacked the grace or sheer cleverness you see from similar designs from Roland Mouret or (used to from) Alaia or perhaps from the gorgeous Preen collection that showed yesterday. To be honest, I wouldn't be at all surprised if she was the 'designer', because I just don't think she's very good.


Congratulations Head of Nuclear Physics at Imperial college :-) nice to see you are multi tasking too. Xxxx

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