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September 06, 2010



For more tidbits and information about perfume and the perfume industry, check out authors Luca Turin and Chandler Burr. My search for a new summer scent led me on a fascinating reading adventure.

Sue Evans

Wonder who you were referring to there Amanda when mentioning Mitsouko ? !!!


How DID you guess Sue?.........pretty good description of you tho eh? Ax


Also Lee, I have also read the Luca Turin and Chandler Burr books and loved them, now I want more, what else is there to read? Ax

Sue Evans

T'was indeed -- how strange .......
Though this week I have been splashing the Timbukto .....


Have a new favourite.....Shem el Nassim from Grossmith....gorgeous

Dianne Seale

Mitsouko has been my favourite perfume for over thirty years. I was in Rackhams in Birmingham a couple of weeks before my wedding and in the packed beauty hall I found myself following this woman who smelt gorgeous. So I asked her what she was wearing, bought it and have been wearing Mitsouko ever since. It's lasted longer in my affections than the husband!!

Discount Perfumes

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Need to have one of this collection. My old perfume is almost empty, I can have it as a replacement for new scent and fragrance. This is a good review, thank you for posting.

pheromone advantage

Being a big fan of fragrances I always like to smell and try out new ones of course by doing this I always go back to the ones that I LOVE. Keep posting!


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