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September 18, 2010


lisa taylor

i was there wednesday and also found her very inspirational and i,along with the audience fell under her spell!! shes definately the type of person you would love as your best friend, witty,intelligent and she would always be there for you. If only Committed had lived up to Eat pray love.........im still struggling through it as we speak!

Corrina Gordon-Barnes

Such a pleasure to be there with you! - thank you.

Liz was captivating. She describes how she learnt from her family dinner parties that that you have to EARN the floor by telling the best stories - and she really does, both in her books and when she speaks live.

The video doesn't do her justice. If the chance comes up to see her speak live, GO! She's one of those rare genuinely happy people, full of wisdom and warmth.

With gratitude and warm wishes,


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