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October 14, 2010


Anna Wilson-Patterson

Fabulous thank you. I am looking forward to the art lovers fashion...


I have quite a soft spot for sloths, you know... one of them at London Zoo always comes over to see me when we go. I must smell particularly sloth-y or something. Not so sure about Mr. Bailey...

That J&D Chapman pic is fabulously disturbing!

That's Not My Age

Looks fab - I want a David Shrigley tattoo! And happy birthday!


Thanks TNMA, I SOOOO wanted a tattoo....Ax


didn't you also go last year? I seem to remember the most amazing, beautiful painting of a petrol station. You remember? x


Hi Steffi and yes we did go last year too, that picture you are thinking of was by Marcin Maciejowski, I was really drawn to the photography this year as well, those huge light box photos look amazing if you have a big wall......check back tomorrow for the clothes......Ax

Osnat Lippa

I love the J&D Chapman pic as well, does anyone know if it's a painting or a digitally manipulated photograph of a painting, just curious.
Really liked this post keeping me udated on the London art scene from far.

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