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October 30, 2010



Sounds like a great book for my teenage niece who is looking for the next step in her reading,after having finished every vampire story available


(Sorry I originally left this comment on the wrong place above...)
I'd love a copy please...for my daughter, who (seemingly alone in her year group) is appalled by the twilight series - and can't understand why Bella is such an utter utter sap.. (And I do sympathise with her - why is it that the pre-10 bookshelves are full of reading books about positive role models - Pippi Longstocking etc - and then, as soon as the teen years loom, they are inundated with dismal teen romance?)

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These are all inter-related facets and fundamental to one another. Much of this, in the end, is rooted in tradition, as tradition is another means of expression and symbolism.

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