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October 13, 2010


gillian taylor

Happy 2nd Birthday! Love the blog!

anna wilson-patterson

Happy 2nd birthday. Might I suggest some blog coverage of women artists who might not be visible in the mainstream press.


Thanks Gillian. Yes definitely Anna, do you have any suggestions?


Anna, I'm going to Frieze today...can you suggest any I should maybe look for?


Happy Birthday. A huge thank you to you both for TWR it's become an enjoyable daily read for me.


Love the blog ladies..thanks for all the style/beauty tips, fashion/art news and most of all, for sharing your lives with us!. Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday ladies! Your cake has shrunk considerably since last year, I hope you're not having to share it. F x


Thanks for the good wishes and yes Francessca we have downsized the cake this year and not sharing with anyone !!

J x


We're watching our carb intake this year Francesca.....another year, another inch on the hips......Ax

Carole Robb

Congratulations, cant believe its 2 years, should have a night at The Jolly Butchers to celebrate when we both have time.
Carole X


I have managed to find you on your 2nd birthday - congratulations on a fantastic site!
You seem to have been made for me, all my favourites seem to be included in the sites you love.
So pleased to have found you - have a very Happy Birthday.



Happy birthday Women's Room! You have become indispensable to me and I rely on you for many more inspiring and side-splitting posts! x

Lynne Pressley

Many Happy Returns! I can't imagine my working day without a quick deviation to your blog! Thanks to you both. Lynnex


Happy Happy Birthday to you - I consider myself a fairly new reader - although I have probably been popping into this Room especially for Women for more than 6 months now, and I can't say how much I love your posts. You do a fabulous job and I recommend you to everyone I meet - keep up the good work and I look forward to many more wonderful posts. Becky x

Pippa - NOM de PLUME

Happy Happy Birthday Amanda and Jane!
NOM de PLUME loves you!
x Pippa x


I've just posted about Violet cakes - Philippa bought me some for my baby shower! Happy 2nd birthday, hope you are both well xxx


You are a daily read, so thanks for the daily posts; I know how hard that is! Love every bit of it.

Happy blog day!


One more thing! Since your readers may tend to include, erm, older-eyed people, could your security feature (those letters and numbers one has to re-type into the box) possibly be a bit more legible?

Types Well But Sees Poorly in NYC (Kay again)


Oh Kay I'm glad it's not just me....but how to change them, anyone know? Ax


Annoyingly I think the size of the numbers is built into typepad, sorry Kay.
Love your post on Violet, Sarah, one of my favourite stalls at Broadway market.
When's your baby due?
J x


Happy Birthday girls! Thanks for another fabulously inspiring, entertaining and thought-provoking year of your blog. Here's to the next year!


Happy birthday and many more to come!

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