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October 15, 2010



PoH: whilst I agree that the "older than you, bigger than you" lady wasn't very polite. Your being snarky & wishing her bigger than she is, or unable to find something to fit doesn't show you in the most flattering light either...


TS, well I think maybe PoH was saying that being nasty to shop girls shouldn't pay off, but we are firm believers in karma here at TWR so if either of them meant it in a baaad way then the karma is gonna getcha, girls.
Having been around a fashion shop floor for many many years I have seen my fair share of appalling customers, so tend to sympathise with anyone having to put up with verbal abuse....My absolute worst experiences were looking after brides-to-be. When I worked at Liberty we used to draw straws for who was to be in charge of the bridal department on a Saturday...nightmare.

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