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October 27, 2010


gillian taylor

I love my dog walking mornings with Hendrix, my labradoodle, and yes you will find a wonderful comrardery amongst dog walkers and a definite fashion trend as well! On Wimbledon Common ,where I walk, it is Durberry boots that ate the most on trend at the moment - check them out they are fantastic - waterproof, warm and quite stylish I think! Anyway - happy walking just think how good it is for you!!


Checking out those boots right now Gillian, thanks

J x


Get you in your Barbour and Hunter Wellies daaahling! Go on, admit it, you've been turned by the poshers!


Can I just say I LOVE the idea of a dog called Hendrix? Sometimes I want a dog just so I can give it a cool name....anyone have a cooler named dog than Hendrix? Ax


When I get my whippet....


I am still convincing Alpha Male (as Ev would say, regardless of the fact that he is the only male) that we need a whippet.

My friend and I dream of crossing poodles and greyhounds and coming up with the Poohound.


Devo the Poohound. I'm still laughing now.....!


I have a cockerpoodle called Jim aged 2 3/4. Like a labradoodle but smaller. He may be a designer dog (not) but def doesn't have a designer owner as I walk at the crack of dawn in old tracksuit, sweater, old Dunlop black wellies, and maybe a Barbour circa 1984.


I'm sorry Charlotte, a cockerpoodle? Are you having us on?


A cockerpoo Amanda, come on you need to gen up on the dog trends. There are chugs, puggles, Morkies and Sprockers.

J x

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