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October 25, 2010


Sue Wilcox

Hi The Women's Room

I read you every morning, in fact I'm sometimes at work so early you haven't even posted yet! ( that's not some sad 'who's in the office first' comment but the working life of an English and Special Needs teacher in a busy school sad to say).
Half term this week and I'm still reading you early doors before I get down to planning what will keep the little darlin's happy for another half term ( Boys aged 11-18? messing about on the X Box and playing Rugby in all weathers doesn't seem to feature highly on the English National Curriculum last time I glanced at it...)

BUT at 47 years old I have never had a new telly - everyone else's hand me downs to be sure. Sometimes through absolute soul destroying hard-up-ness and later through a kind of " Oh I barely watch TV why would I bother with a new one" out and out lie!

My 3 daughters ( 18/21/24) bemoan our impoverished TV state and so as the youngest cajoles and dictates...We really need to test run a spanking new state of the art TV...who knows next I might even swop my 4th hand mobile- bricklike and a charger that needs it's own carry case I swear ( passed done from my girls of course) for something a bit swankier!

I'd Love that TV ladies - I own up I need to see Nan's latest offering ( Only way Essex land)in all its glory!

Sue Wilcox


Impressive first start Sue, have to say someone is gonna have to come up with a VERY good reason to better this.....Ax


Hmmmm. Having lived without a TV for nearly 2 months now (very slow decorating interrupted by a holiday) I have found that there is nothing I ever want to watch that I can't get via the interweb anyway (being a Sky refusnik). So no point, sadly. And we still have the old TV. But what fun!

I could test drive a new car for you if you're offered one, but only something nice, if you know what I mean!


It's half term
too much to do
after reading the comments I say,
Give it to Sue!


Sue wins, and Beau gets poetry prize of the day.....


Funny I was going to say you should give it to Sue too - sounds like she is a very deserving cause indeed - go Sue - enjoy it !


OK, you got me. I've clearly been a fan of Apartment Therapy and other blogs of its ilk for WAY too long (not forgetting TWR). So many "hip & happening" interiors are about mid-century classic furniture that for a moment there, I thought Panasonic had designed a new HD / 3D TV that looked like the one we all huddled around to watch CrackerJack on in the 1970s. Err, not quite. You can imagine my face when I followed the link...

Sue is a worthy winner!


I'd love a telly that looked like the one in the picture, but that got cable. Very Mad Men

Dinah Hall

This confirms my suspicion that only the nicest people read TWR. All that remains is for Panasonic to celebrate this general niceness by letting Sue keep it when the two weeks are up....


Can I just update everyone by saying TWR has made contact with Sue and it turns out she IS lovely and will, we think, do a great job of testing the telly for us. Ax

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