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October 01, 2010



The other one I loved was the one where one of the leads was actually dead, Randell and Hopkirk (deceased).....I think I liked the dead one, Ax


Whilst they are both TOTALLY knee-weakeningly sexy with a capital S, I bet (I BET!) you can guess which one I fancied...


John Boy Walton was never a hearthrob in my book. But then being a little bit younger than you perhaps I can vote for the original Dukes of Hazzard? The blond one? (can't remember if that was Bo or Luke). And David Soul as Hutch? Not that they've quite got the glamour of Tony and Rog though.


OOh Starsky and Hutch! Friday night TV . And their knitted cardis and leather bombers....now we're talking


Oh, Pete Duel was my man. I still have the Athena poster. But then I've always loved the western thing. Remember The Virginian? How cool was he?!!
Z xx


Oh all out 70's TV faves are being revealed today. Ben Murphy for me and always Starsky never Hutsh. I actually went to the premiere of the new Strasky and Hutch film a couple of years ago and he was there, just as gorgeous!!

J x


Pete Dual! Oh my goodness, had forgotten how I used to swoon over him in The Virginian. Also had a major crush on the dark haired one in The Champions - not William Gaunt, not Alexandra Bastedo, the other one, whatshisname? Craig something.....


Stuart Damon Jude, I loved him too. Listen to this it will take youright back!

J x

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