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October 31, 2010



It helps that shes sooooooooooooo thin, that youthful figure is essential for those very gorgeous clothes! How cope Italian and French ladies are so thin when the dam countries are full of calories!!!!! Unfair, stamp foot.


I agree with Jill it does help she is so thin. She does look great. Xxxx


Comments above are so right, the thin look fabulous in anything really...tho' I bet she's a smoker.


That black and white picture with her sister is beautiful. very classy ladies the two of them.

That's Not My Age

I think she's lovely - and she looks fab in leopard print.

linda charie

Love her look and great to see someone my age still into fashion without looking frumpy or dressed 'age appropriate'which I hate! Am now feeling very inspired which is great for a Monday morning.


am SO getting myself a camel coat RIGHT NOW. x
Franca looks fantastic. I love her no-make-up-look so much. Very Italian confident. x

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