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November 09, 2010


gillian taylor

Well I have no sparkling repartee - I just look a bit haggard and feel a bit haggard at the mo and any help would be gratefully received!!!!!

Sandy Lewis

Once a girl hits a certain age there are impressive proceedures she can turn to that do not require a general anesthetic. Just take a look at Felicity Kendall and Pamela Stevenson, pretty impressive.(Poor Patsy Kensit though,bit of a dodgy eye eh? A warning that you can get it drastically wrong).But what if, like me, you are needle phobic?Just the thought of it would add ten years to my face. So to have a pain free method that makes even a slight contribution to holding back the years, would be a blessing.

Karen Bradberry

Well, this serum would certainly have its work cut out here at the moment. Quite apart from the teenage sons constantly pushing the boundaries, we have embarked on a house renovation which looked so neat and simple on paper, but in reality has turned life upside down. Everything has been covered in dust (including me) for 2 months and will be for probably 2 months more. I've had no kitchen for more than a month, so I have to go up to my mother's every evening to cook the meal. Now I'm cooking for 6 as she has Multiple Sclerosis - she will eat no fat, my sons will eat no lean.
Stressed and broke - is the serum up to it?

Sensible Footwear

After reading this I just looked in the mirror. It's clear from the evidence presented that I can't fight the slackening/dullness etc. alone. Any assistance in the form of a high-end cream would be very much appreciated.


As a womens in her mid forties ,I would have to say that my fiboblasts are in need of some super-firming treatment! I would love to have the opportunity to try a little french luxury on my tired skin, and to be able to compare it to my usual Boots- own serum.


Impressive stuff ladies so far , but I'm open to more persuasion...no poetry yet I see (Beau?). We're going to leave this open until Wednesday night to see if there are any more wrinkles in need of help.....Ax


Because I look like Clement Freud's damn dog and if you can remember who Clement Freud is you will understand the need for the wonder cream.


In the warm light of my autumn years
The wisdom of Shakira echoing in my ears
I concede that hips and wrinkles do not lie,
Potions and diets for my attention may vie
But only one catches my eye.

The Women's Room once again my saviour
With Radical Firmness offers me relief
From the tiring quest for youth's flavour
I await the comforting reassurance,
the proof of my belief.


Stunning Steffi, simply stunning,! Our readers are SOOO talented!


Well, if it works, I'll be the one at the Christmas pantomime shouting, 'Yes, I do believe in magic!'

j ballard

Mother 53, 4 children, 1 ex husband, 1 partner (can't really say boyfriend), small furry dog and a busy job working in a primary school seeks new face!!!
Short on cash, low on confidence, and quite honestly too scaredy cat to have my face sliced up and stitched back!!
So a yummy, scrummy golden serum is my only hope.
My face really is in your hands...


I need to lift and firm my wrinkling face
with a gift from the Womens Room
thats promising to be ace!

I'll give it a go
and see does it work,
at reducing the folds,
that are threatening my face!


I'm 66 & gravity has begun to have its way with my neck & face. I need something magnifique to tackle the problem.

Shirley Goodwin

I would like to be considered for your giveaway, because I don't believe that ANY of these rejuvenating lotions work. Maybe it'll change my mind? I live in New Zeaalnd, and our sun is very harsh here due to the hole in the ozone layer.


As a mother of twins who are 4, the last few years have really taken their toll in terms of lines and skin textureand I would love the opportunity to try something that might make a difference! I have sensitive skin which still feels as if some repair is possible. After extended maternity leave, I'm just about to return to teaching so something that literally and psychologically might give me lift would be welcome.


Oh ladies you have done yourselves proud, I am desperately sad i can only pick three winners.....who are Steffi (because she wrote a fab poem and has been our No1 commenter from the word go...yep, we're looking at that sorta thing too.....) Sandy and J Ballard...we'll be contacting you shortly ladies, well done to all (loved your poem Alison BTW).

Monogram Idylle

I wanna have this!Impressive stuff ladies so far!

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