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November 01, 2010



I am very interested to read all about this. When I was back in the UK in the summer I went to the very well known Rigby and Peller - albeit in Bluewater. I had to take the two youngsters with me, but it was all quite smooth. The lady didn't even measure me, she just looked at me and went and got some bras to fit me and they really did. I too found the strap adjusting thing amazing - I'd actually quite like to have someone else put my bra on for me every day !!! I paid a lot of money for two bras and I have to say I only actually wear one of them mainly because, dare I say it, the more expensive of the two just isn't that comfortable and also is somewhat frumpy. I thought it would be OK at the time and if I lived in the UK I might well take it back, but I think it's great if you can get well fitting beautiful underwear, I'd buy loads. A great shop recommendation that I shall save up for my next visit to the UK - thank you.


Becky, I know what you mean about having someone dress you, I felt exactly like that about the ladies in the shop, I wanted to take them home with me (very Downton Abbey). I've also heard R&P ladies are brilliant at sizing you up without measuring, I was planning to go to the London store, but never quite got around to it. I think there are a few good stores around who can offer help, I like supporting the independents but it's all about trying a few and finding someone who knows what they are talking about. Ax


I love going to this shop !. The personal service is fantastic. They have a great range to suit all pockets. I would highly recommend.


Oh wouldn't it be wonderful to have someone a la Downton Abbey to dress you every day - I can't imagine leading that kind of life - I loved it the other week when someone mentioned the weekend and Maggie Smith's character looked bemused and asked "what is a weekend ?" fabulous ! I love that programme, well I love any period drama really. I just finished watching the third series of Larkrise to Candleford and that was wonderful too, although after three series pretty much back to back I had had enough of Julia Swahala's little mmm's with a tilt of the head that she does all the time ! If I felt I could trust my housemaid to dress me I'd do it - sadly I suspect I would end up in PJ's every day !!!!


I love the sound of this shop and am strangely keen to have someone dress me into a bra! Since discovering the Freya bra by Bravissimo my boob situation and confidence has improved greatly and now it is the only bra I feel good in and have purchased it in all colours except white. However can feel a visit to London coming on..


Oooh I can feel a Downton Abbey post coming on...I too love the terrific lines Maggie Smith gets, but I think anything Julian Fellows writes is wonderful. Aisling I'm glad you agree with us on the shop! Always a relief to be backed up by another on our opinions. Ax


I agree - Julian Fellows is wonderful. I miss good drama so much and it's such a treat to see something like this. I have to say that living away from the UK for an extended period makes me realise how superior TV in the UK is compared to other parts of the world - I know everyone complains about X Factor and the like, but there is so much more choice and quality drama available - all we get is repeat after repeat of CSI !

Marie Truelove

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I've just been into Sheen Uncovered for my first bra fitting in years and told the lovely ladies in there about your review. Of course, I got home to discover that I had mis-remembered the shop. I had a similarly fabulous experience, though, and came out with three gorgeous bra and knicker sets in a size I would never have dreamed of trying.

Maya Sulton

Since our teenage years, we are taught how to find the best fit for our bras for our breasts to be in a comfortable situation. But in addition to that, we must also find the bra that fits your personality so that it could accentuate the form of your breasts, just as how I bought my Primadonna lingerie.

Terry Bayer

These tips are exceptional, Amanda. I've read a lot about women buying the wrong size and shape of bra. This can serve as an eye-opener for them. Well done! Undoubtedly, a woman's chest is a very sensitive part. So, for any product or treatment that you guys choose to use or undergo, be sure that it came from a credible person or company. I hope that people imitate you for not being afraid to seek for help, Amanda. You're right -- you should just trust the person who knows what she's saying.


Thank you. I love these. They are perfect for wearing under clothes. Gives you the security of not exposing to much while taking advantage of lower v-neck styles which are very flattering.

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