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November 30, 2010


ros badger

What a brilliant idea, Thanks for letting us know about this, I shall be sending the teen daughter along there asap, (wants the GCSE course work is out of the way that is).


Me too Ros, anything to get mine away from reading celebrity mags!!
J x

That's Not My Age

I love Dave Eggers, he's a genius - so think this is a fantastic idea. I heard that they already have over 200 volunteers but I might give it a go.


oh no, am I the only person who hated (with a passion) 'A Staggering Work... blah blah'? Thought it was utter rubbish and (most unusually for me) abandoned the book in a pub in Bethnal Green when I'd finished it. I put a bookcrossing sticker in it, and it's a nice hardback fancy copy....

Good idea, though. Mind you, I don't like Nick Hornby, either!


No not with you on that one Marv, love Dave eggers and Nick Hornby!!!



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