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December 23, 2010



How brilliant to read such honest, well written and witty comments. It does sound fab, but not sure I would spend that much on a face cream. My favourite is the Boots Protect and Perfect range, but not sure I could write such a glowing review on it.
As Steffi says, compared to surgery or Botox. *rushes off to Knightsbridge*

J x


Great reviews, just wish it wasn't so expensive. I also use Boots Protect & Perfect, at £19.95 or whatever its a good price, and my skin feels silky for it, but I can't say there's any noticeable lifting or firming.
However, I've added the Kiehls Acai Damage-Repairing Serum into my daily routine. I usually scoff at celebrity endorsements, but when I read that Cameron Diaz calls it 'Botox in a Bottle' I thought I'd give it the benefit of the doubt. It's had some good web reviews from normal people too. It certainly tightens my skin up when applied, under moisturiser.


Interestingly, even my DAD (78) wants to know where he can buy this from.......Ax


Sorry, been away for Xmas. You can buy it online at www.kiehls.co.uk or from Liberty or SpaceNK.
Speaking of Dads, Boots have bought out a No7 range for men, inc Protect and Perfect, in suitably blokey packaging. I bought my (77 yr old) Dad some Energisng Moisturiser which he quite likes.

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