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December 04, 2010



Your blog resonates with me. I live in the 'burbs but love London. I love the buzz, the buildings, the history, the shops, the buses, and streets. A day exploring in one area is my treat, and having that to think about and digest. I also love coming home and savouring the quieter pace, so maybe we all end up where we belong in the end.


Or you might find that your children hanker after country life after the hustle and bustle of their childhood in the city ! You never know !


I escaped to London as soon as I could in my early 20s but moved to the middle of nowhere after my eldest was born. I was never happy with the decision and 12 years later I still loathe the countryside. I always planned to move back to London as soon as my youngest leaves home (9 years and counting) and I can't wait although I don't want to wish her life away. London is most definitely the best city in the world but the countryside suits for raising children. Knowing my luck they will grow up resenting me for making them live in such a dull place!


Yes Becky I have thought that, but no signs so far with the kids.

I think where ever you bring your kids up, they want to try something different for a while .

J x


You could so easily be writing about my life!! I felt and still feel exactly the same!


How this resonates with me too! I was born in London, but with all their best intentions at heart was moved out by the parents who thought they were giving me a more rounded upbringing in the countryside (too many animals and farmy smells for my liking). All I wanted from the age of 12 was to be in London, where, according to my Nan, 'things happen to young girls'. I wanted those things! (Although I'm not sure they were the things Nan was referring to.)
Still here with no thoughts of leaving yet....


I can still remember the first time I found out about how fabulous towns could feel. I was about 8 years old and went to stay with my aunt in Bath, right in the centre above her fish and chip shop. I remember looking out at night after I'd gone to bed and realising life still went on after bedtime, and that it looked a lot more fun that fields. It took another 13 years for me to pitch up in London, but from that night onwards I knew towns were where my heart was and London town is the best of all. Ax


Let's face it, London is a rainy, gray and busy spot. But still, there are a lot of reasons why many people love this place. First, its 24hr convenience. There are tons of establishments which are open 24/7. Second, the cars. Feels like I'm living in the 50's; lots of vintage cars right there. =) And third, the fashion. They are just around the corner, and almost everyone look glamorous in their own way...

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