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December 24, 2010


Gillian Taylor

Oh dear I know exactly how you feel and whilst in my heart I still feel as if I can still do the Spice Girls dance and look fun in my head I know I look tragic! I am looking at this as the next phase of my life - frosty walks on the common and looking forward to the remake of Upstairs Downstairs! Now that's showing my age!! Merry Christmas to all at TWR and keep up the good work!!


Cant tell you how excited I am about Upstairs Downstairs Gillian!
Have a lovely Christmas and enjoy those walks on the common
J x


My friend Tanya has an idea to do over 40s club nights. where just the over 40s can get in and all the music will be PROPER music to dance to, not this new stuff. There could be lots of sofas to sit down and a quiet zone where we could actually talk to each other and hear what the other person was saying. I really miss dancing and I think this could be the answer......Ax


Oh my - that sounds like my idea of the perfect club A - tell Tanya to get it up and running ASAP I'm sure it would be mobbed every night !

I just wanted to say thank you so much for a wonderful year of blogging - I know it's not new year yet, but we are off camping soon and I won't be around for all the year end stuff. So, thank you - I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog on a pretty much daily basis - it has been wonderful sharing the year with you and appreciate your witty take on this battle that is being over 40 !!!

I look forward to another year of wit to come !

Becky xxxx


Camping? where on Earth are you camping lovely Becky? Thanks for your fabulous support this year, without you, we are nothing! much love and Merry Festive Greetings A&J


Ah you forget - I live in the Middle East ! We and a group of friends and relatives are off to a lovely place 5 hours down the coast from Muscat called Bar Al Hickman. Clear turquoise blue sea, white soft sand and a beautiful lagoon populated by flamingoes. Sand dunes abound and bleached whale bones and turtle shells are scattered around, best of all are the miles and miles of nothing and no-one. We go there every year for New Years eve and have a wonderful time, even though we do find it hard to stay awake until midnight. Can't wait. Have a wonderful time whatever you are doing x


We are not jealous, not of the flamingoes, the turquoise sea or the weather. Not one tiny bit. Ax

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How fun! I linked to this on last weekend's weekly roundup and am just now getting around to letting you know. (I guess we were busy celebrating Easter!) Thanks so a lot for sharing!

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