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December 21, 2010



there is hope. Just need to find some gorgeous teen flatmates when the time comes.



All rings so true - ours got back at the weekend with similar skills.


A week in and there are signs of the new skills wearing off.....he has his girlfriend peeling the carrots and parsnips (his Christmas Eve job)...Ax

Mary Whitaker

Just left son on Leeds for 'the rest of his life' - apprentice bike frame builder ( cool hot job of the future BTW) and worried that as not having cooking skills there was a particular gaping hole in his education. Got him Jane Hornbys book What to Cook and How to Cook it and he hasn't looked back. Unbelievable really. Have now given it to all similar aged god children and useless cook friends. Its the layout which is so brilliant. For sale everywhere (Including Anthropologie - probably for quaint/cool cover) but much cheaper on amazon) Yesterday he reports, he cooked suasages with caralamized onion gravy with balsamic vinegar having spent the day welding frames and talking bollocks with bike nerds. I love it!!


Thanks Mary, i'm getting the book for him now, as he's off back to Uni in a few days.

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