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December 15, 2010



Thanks for the fashion advice. I love the Zara gilet, and may be putting that on my Christmas list. Have got a party on Sunday and am going to wear my warm but figure hugging knit dress with possibly a belt, tights and boots. A sort of dressing up compromise.Ugg boots just for wearing round the house at the mo I think. Sadly, even though they seem to be everywhere I feel my bare shoulder sparkly party dress days are over. Well, for this year anyway....


Oh. I have a party to go to on Saturday and was hoping to wear not only UGGs buy my faithful Long Johns and furry trapper hat. Might have a re-think.


Can I recommend Uniqlo's Heat Tech long johns Jude? I am constantly having to grab mine back from teenagesons, who wear them to keep warm at rugby training......ps wouldn't be Jane's party on Saturday would it?


Interesting to hear you recommend the Uniqlo HeatTech wear. I've always been put off them because of their syntheticcy handle and appearance, so have doubted their thermal properties. Are they breathable, and do you get sweaty inthem?!
PS - would be nice to meet you Saturday.


I know what you mean by the yucky feel, but really they are fine, not sweaty at all. I hardly ever leave the house now without one of the many heattech vests I own, probably wise not to wear them on a date, but otherwise, SNUGGLY.

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