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December 18, 2010



will be REALLY curious to hear what you think.
while I loved the stylized look of the ballet world (similar to the view of the wrestler world in his last film - he really shows things I hadn't thought about)and the art direction and dancing were superb, I felt there were 3 movies in one and I don't think they neccessarily gelled.

There was the drama/ exposee of ballet world.
there was the thriller (making you jump - often seemed silly and gratuitous)
and then there was the spoof - it seemed like there was elements of teenage slasher movie "scary movie" type stuff.

and that is where I am not sure he was successful - did he MEAN to be funny/ spoofey? or was it thriller gone wrong?

anyway - I found the last 1/3 of the movie a bit excruiciating to watch so will be interested to hear the conversation. not many of my friends have seen it yet here in NYC - not sure why.


Now I really want to see it...maybe we should do readers reviews on films too guys? what do you think? Could Jane and I be the next Kermode/Mayo? ( Can I please be SImon Mayo? I rather think Jane would be a brilliant Mark Kermode)

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