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December 27, 2010



Are these by Banksy, the famous graffiti artist?


I asked eldestteenageson the same question, who reckons not, but also doesn't know who they are by. Anyone out there got an idea?


update on that....the squirrel appears to be by Belgian artist Roa...Ax


They are by ROA a Belgian street artist similar to Banksy and have caused a huge stir here in Hackney as the council tried to get rid of them, as they did a Banksy we have on a wall in Stoke Newington. 'Save the Hackney Rabbit' had huge support and they eventually relented and kept it.
Read about it here
J x


Ooh, we're FULL of interesting info here at TWR! How daft to try and remove them. On the above article Jane has linked to it says there are guided walks around ROA's work, so if we've now got you interested....

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