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December 31, 2010



Oh my goodness, that looks absolutely perfect! What a wonderful way to be in the City but without all the dirt, grime and noise.....I'd secretly love to live on a barge, moored in one of those islands in the middle of the Thames, just down the road (river) from Chelsea. Fantastic!

jill ballard

totally understand where you're coming from... we have friends who had a cruiser and they used to invite us out with our children to explore the rivers and locks out in the countryside. They used to put a chicken in the oven to roast and open the wine............ sadly they sold it and bought........ a Goldwing motorbike! not so easy to tag along now, although they were last seen tearing down the motorway en route to Paris in convoy with a bunch of 'older' biker friends!
Happy New Year Ladiesxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jill Cambridge UK


Oh, lovely, lovely, lovely -- thank you for posting these. One of our favourite things to do when in London is to walk the Canal and dream about boating along it -- so fab to be in the City but nestled in a patch of Nature!


Glad you liked it ladies, we hope for some more river adventures next year so will keep the camera to hand. Ax

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