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January 18, 2011



I look forward to reading the interview. Your post (and your skirt) have sent me hurtling back to that time, of long, hot summers and learning chart songs by heart. I made a peasant blouse that looms large in my memory. I no longer have it, probably due to the fact it started to unravel quite quickly after a few wears and washes!

Gillian Taylor

Oh memories memories! I have not got a box of clothes (four children, small house,recent move after 30 years!) but I suppose I have a memory box in my mind - dusky pink Biba boots, Laura Ashley smock, Ozzie Clark lime green dress with pointy bits on sleeve, stripy tights and Russell and Bromley chunky loafers, white afgan coat - oh the list goes on and it was if it was yesterday! The funny thing is I don,t think I feel the same way about the clothes I have now perhaps because my memory clothes are so wound up with my youth and such carefree sunny days!


Lovely memories! (That makes me sound so OLD!) I too made a patch work skirt and cheesecloth oooohh...... I don't have many of my clothes as I was frightened to hang on to them and the fear that I might me tempted to wear them again! My 3 girls wish I had, when I tell them of the special stuff I spend my student wages on! Platform bottle green leather boots, afghan (smelly) coats, maxi dresses, midi skirts the list is endless. My real problem with NOT LETTING GO was when the children came along. I have suitcases full of embroidered romper suits and dresses, hand knitted baby clothes and teeny tiny shoes!!!
I remember a TV programme a few years back, that dealt with clearing the clutter, and the programme insisted the house owner throw clutter, old clothes and even childrens artwork into a SKIP which munched it up!! Now whilst I do understand the cleansing process of clearing up, the idea of parting with my children's pictures and drawings and those tiny shoes and putting them in a skip..... never!x


REALLY lovely comments ladies, thank you. I am very interested in Gillian's comment that she doesn't feel so emotionally attached to her recent clothes, I feel a bit the same, is it because we have MORE now? Do you think? And can you imagine throwing out your kids pictures? terrible! And WHAT would Mumsnet say? Ax

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