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January 01, 2011



I would like to add....
The dirty dishes on the table will not walk themselves to the sink/dishwasher and since I cooked supper, it would be nice if someone else cleared them away. Doing this without prompting will make me LOVE you.

BEING NICE TO ME is more likely to result in my giving you money when you ask for it. Arguing with me, telling me I'm wrong or stomping off is NOT the way to my heart.

Gillian Taylor

Hilarious! Even when they grow up and leave home some things never change - No.1 daughter brings home her hand washing for me to do because I am better at it than her and No.3 daughter brings home her huge waffle White Company duvet cover to iron because I too do that better than her!


Happy New Year to you both - hoping at least 50% of your above requests see the light of day! Thanks for your wonderfully entertaining blog in 2010. X


Oh I comepletely forgot the BE NICE TO ME one. I f they were nice they could get away with murder!!!
Gillian I dont want to hear about the washing - its the bane of my life and thought it might be over when they leave home - obv not!!!
Jude Happy New Year to you too and thanks for reading xx


My children aren't even teenagers yet and all this applies..how scary is that? I mean just how bad is it going to get when they are, in actual fact, teenagers? .....& a Happy New Year!..I am very much looking forward to another years worth of fascinating Women's Room posts...huzzah!

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