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January 15, 2011


R. Kellock

As a young boy living through the second world war, we had no choices, other than eat what was available.Subsequent scientific investigation however has proven my generation ,now in their eighties,were given a highly nutritional diet.
A highlight of this diet was Spam fritters which I note,continues to be widely advertised
Granddad K


Hey Grandad K and fab to have you reading us! And how right you are, eating what's available, grown locally and not hyper processed is surely the first step towards sensible eating? You only have to watch Hugh Fernley Whitingwhat'shisname to see how bonkers we have got about food these days, throwing all those poor dead fish back in the sea because of some Euro rule.
This season I am enlarging my vegetable patch, to allow us to taste and pick vegetables as close to their peek season as possible. In facy off to research seed potatoes today.....Ax


Oh, thanks for this alert. I'm really interested in this topic and will definitely include this in a spring visit to London.

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