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January 11, 2011



Love that. Edna was my favourite character. I wonder if it is 'Ed' for Edith 'Na' for Anna..?


Oh that's clever Lilac........Ax


Wow - fabulously stylish.

I watched all three episodes of the new Upstairs Downstairs series yesterday and was agog over Lady Maud's clothes - I want to know where I can purchase such fabulous items - she had my dream wardrobe - full of colour and rich texture - I'm most jealous and would like to buy the job lot - that red jacket that she wore in the final scene was - TO DIE FOR !

Anyone know where I can find out any more info about her clothes - I can't find anything substantial on the interweb anywhere.

B x


I think she's vert Dries van Noten myself, Becky go onto eBay today, search under DVN and look for the heavily embroidered edge to edge dress coat....it's £200 which i think is a very good price (Buy Now). I am very tempted myself but I am currently OBSESSED with selling rather than buying (post coming up shortly!). I think this is just the sort of thing she'd wear. She has quite an ethnic clothing style too, which I tend to buy from vintage sales and when travelling. Ax


I had a look but couldn't find the coat you are talking about, however the style in general is just right - lovely silks and fabulous embroidery - I think I need to start to save for a new wardrobe !


I love your site, we have the same taste in books!

Ari Seth Cohen



Oh Becky - me too, I love a drapey brightly coloured robe from the far east too.
thanks Ari Seth, we love your site too.

J x


Check out Iris Apfel: also crazy style, also with the giant round glasses.

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