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January 05, 2011



I find it interesting that Madonna has picked Wallis Simpson to make a film about, after making a film about Eva Peron. Both women perceived to be stronger than their partners, the driving force of the partnership. I look forward to the film.

Osnat Lippa

She has not been portrayed favorably in a couple of films and TV series recently out, The King's Speech and Any Human Heart (based on a book by William Boyd). Lets see what Madonna does with it. Her record in films either acting or directing is not great.


Yes its kind of a shame its Madonna doing it, as it makes you a little cynical before you've even seen it. But on a purely superficial level, I'm sure the costumes will be fab.
J x


Yikes! Not with that bow perched on top of your head, surely?


Oh yes Belinda, I have a red one which is much bigger - just call me Minnie!!

J x


I'm with you, Jane. Not keen because Madonna's made it, but am sure the costumes will be fab and worth a look.

That's Not My Age

Agree with Jude and Osnat - Madonna's directing ability is a bit suspect but I'm sure the film will look fabulous.

sue Evans

I am currently obsessed with all things WE, particuarly Wallis and her fabulous sense of style. I have been reading her letters and am currently entrenched with The Duchess of Windsor, the uncommon life of Wallis Simpson which is a great read. Next stop is Susie menkies book on the Duchess's jewels ....... well a girl can dream


I am SO buying those books Sue.

J x

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Yo my mind Madonna is appropriate for this role..but the film wouldn't be looser like many films with Madonna

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