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January 12, 2011



O God, I'm worn out just looking at her, dont send me the video (I know I dont count!) It would sit on my living room table for weeks and be used as to rest my cup of tea on, only to be then relegated to the cupboard with the other exercise videos bought in January !!!

J x


We were just talking about this young lady at our Secret Santa evening whilst tucking into home-made cheesecake! Having missed out on the 'love exercise' gene I am in awe of people so committed to exercise (in awe and slightly suspicious!!) I'm breaking myself in with 10 minutes of Pilates each day - maybe one day in a time far away I'll be able to work up to an hour six days a week - she did say age doesn't matter.


More to the point for your dear readers, can we have the promised post on your best home shopping sites?!


Ah yes Helen, I have NOT forgotten, the post is half written but i got distracted. Will do it today and posts for either Friday or Sunday. PROMISE.


Yes indeed - that is more like it - shopping not exercise !!!! That woman looks totally exhausting - I like a bit of exercise myself but the idea of doing it at home has never appealed to me - far too easy to cheat - I'd rather go to a class and enjoy a sociable cup of tea afterward as a bonus !


One hour a day?! Six days a week?! I'm off for a Cadbury's Cream Egg.......

sue Evans

Not sure how I'd fit the hour a day in -- before the bottle of wine or after ? But I've just been reading all about it in this week's Sunday Times Style mag and have decided I want to look like Gwynnie because according to Tracey, Gwynnie's a bit of a lush too. I just need to get my hands on that DVD and I'll be there ....... Cheers


Please don't send me the DVD, I'd use it as;
a coaster or
a door stop or
a secret place to hide my luxe bar of chocolate in or
a prize at the school fair or,
a present for my mother in law - hahahahahahaaaaa.
That last thought made me laugh out loud.


OK, so that's Sue getting one of the DVDs to justify her drinking habits, but surely there''s someone out there with a bit more commitment to looking thin and trim? Ladies? A


ummmmmm, perhaps not for me (way too lazy - an hour a day????? - that's when I hoover down wine and write comments on blogs), but my next-door neighbour (yes, we do speak to each other - in fact our street is somewhat akin to EastEnders in some respects, current storyline excepted) announced to me this morning that she is 11 stone 2 and needed to do something about it (one presumes in a downward fashion) but had just eaten 3 biscuits. Or if it doesn't work for her we can hang it between the gardens to try and scare the magpie off?


forgot to say lovely neighbour has just had a baby and doesn't look 11 stone 2 and frankly I think I'd be eating way more than 3 biscuits and I love her to bits, but we do really need something to scare that magpie off and as we don't buy the sort of Sunday papers that give you free dvds at the drop of a hat - mind you - magpies like shiny things, don't they, so perhaps we'd end up with really fit, even more bolshy magpies. Perhaps I've had too much wine? (NO! Surely not? It's trauma and grief caused by Nigel dying)


It really is comforting to know that our readers
A. Drink as much (if not more - you know who you are?) than us.
B Are as uninterested as as in any form of serious (read going to the gym) exercise as us, and
C. Like eating as much as we do.

J x


I really love Tracy Andersons workouts as much as I like eating and drinking too (not to mention shopping). I'm in the process of doing her 30 day Boot camp book and so far the meal plans have been amazing! It's a great plan that can change your body if you commit to the workouts. I would be thrilled to win her DVD! Loved your article too :-)


I need this dvd! my fiancee has suggested we try something new - I'm sure he'll just love dancing around the living room with me doing "total cardio workout". :)


I am obsessed with Tracy Anderson but have graduated past her older DVD's but as a poor student I do not have the funds to move forward so would love a chance to win one of these


My Mom needs this - no seriously explaining the exercises over the phone is really not working out. Help a girl out here, I'd get credit for asking on her behalf - might even count as an early birthday present. BTW ladies your are hilarious, living in the US and I miss clever humour.


Ladies, thank you for all your pleas, we are delighted Miss Anderson has so many fans. we have picked the winners, and it was a close call....I particularly liked the idea that Hayley was going to 'perk things up with her fiancee' by putting him thro the DVD paces...good luck with that Hayley! And we admire Gillian for helping out her mum...BUT the winners, for their speed of answering and the fact that they made us laugh, are SUE and MARV. well done ladies , DVDs in the post for you. ( Lilac, you were a close third with that brilliant poem, keep trying please, your turn will come, your brilliance has not gone un noticed.....) Ax

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