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January 31, 2011



What a brilliant idea if Issy's. Can someone please do this for Crystal Palace? I went there recently and though it was a brilliant high street full of great stores, the hardware shop could possibly be the best one in London. Ax

Osnat Lippa

Wow, I just love it so much, brings up so many memories and I'm really happy the Hoover man is still around. It's beautifully done, I would love to get hold of the book if there is one, it's timeless. Amazing how Stoke Newington has retained it's character, I look at my highstreet here and it's totally characterless, a lot of the little shops are disapearing,the competition from the likes of Winners, Marshals, Target (soon) etc and all that is left, is the places to eat, which although good do not inspire. However there are definitely some archaic characters in our neighbourhood, maybe I'll start photographing them.


Yes Oznat the hoover man is still there, but a bit thinner and older. They are great shops and we are lucky to have them.

If you ever see any great old ladies in your neighbourhood with unique style take a pic, we'd love to put them on the blog.

J x

Osnat Lippa

Will do, although in this frozen winter land it's hard sometimes to dress in style whether you are young or old, spring might be the better time to start taking photos.xxx

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Swift PAT

WOW !! Great photos. Excellant quality.

Swift PAT

Pictures are great i love the 60's and the 80's POST MORE !!!!!!!!

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