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January 17, 2011



Haha, love it. You have to get that calendar released! :D

sue Evans

Sadly, the issue of ageing and what is going to happen to our parents / us is all too real. And although this post takes a fun look at the situation, the reality of it is, how , especially for those of us who may have never followed a "normal" corporate lifestyle. My husband is 70 this year and I dread to think where we will end up when we can no longer care for ourselves.


I love the sound of the Claremont. I've been talking about the same thing for a few years with friends too. At this stage a seaside location for our old age commune seems as important as hunky gardeners stripped to the waist for us to ogle at - no touching though! Some days the thought of zooming along the promenade in a motorised wheelchair is quite appealing too.

sue Evans

Sorry, the comment above somehow got lost in translation ! What I was trying to say was that the reality of the options on offer are scarily few, especially for those of us who may have never followed a "normal" corporate lifestyle. We'd never want to burden our kids nor compromise the lifestyle we've followed for over 40 years.


Wonderful! While I -- sadly -- can't imagine either my mom (too shy) or my in-laws(too conservative) in the Claremont, it's encouraging to see that some alternatives are developing, perhaps in time for my too-quickly-approaching senior years.


Totally fabulous - I shall make sure that I end up in a place like that without a doubt - I am sure that by the time I reach the necessary age - which is years and years and years away of course - this type of thing will be standard !!!! If only !


I agree Sue, while this is a witty look at old peoples homes it really is a serious issue. I can honestly think of nothing worse than becoming 'normal' in old age. Lets hope there are some alternative places like the Claremont in the UK to be found when the time comes.

J x


I've been advocating the commune idea among my friends for years. It makes sense - not least because when offspring visit, they can check up on each others' parents and send an email round along the lines of - "saw your Mum: she is remembering to change her incontinence pants regularly and your Dad is still shouting at the telly". In all seriousness, we need to come up with a good and respectful way to care for our elderly - they (and we in due course) deserve better.

That's Not My Age

Fantastic - can I sign up for Claremont-by-the-sea now! I always think I'd like to be old and retired somewhere sunny like Spain, where I can sit in a square nattering with all the other old folks


Yes old people in hot countries seem to have a much nicer life somehow. I spent a summer in Spain one year and the old ladies sat in the square talking until at least 1am every morning. Some of them had never been out of the village. I used to wonder what they found to talk about, but who cares. At least they were out and not trapped at home in the cold!
J x

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