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January 21, 2011



Girl in stripey top looks like my gorgeous niece Florence! x

Dinah Hall

Boden's a victim of its own success really, isn't it? I really like a lot of their stuff, but I just could never bring myself to buy anything because it would be like tattooing Middle Class Sucker across my forehead. And yet, because the limited edition clothes here don't shout out Boden, and are just a bit so-what? I don't want them either.....


Interesting point Ms Hall, perhaps by losing their 'Boden-ess' they are less covetable? What does anyone else think? Ax


I know what you mean Dinah, it is SUCH a middle class range and despite the fact we are all SO middle class we dont actually want to look too stereotypical.
Let us know what you think when the range comes out.

J x


OO Steffi I must tell Flo she will be delighted to be compared to a model.
J x


Looks like same ole same ole to me. What it needs to do is get a bit more adventurous with the silhouettes specifically on dresses.
Word to the wise Johnnie there are dress shapes other than the shift you know...
Also, I'm ranting now - the shift dress is possibly the most difficult shape to wear as you get older and your body proportions change.
I have had a £50 Boden voucher sitting by the tea cosy in the mug cupboard for a year now . I keep going on the site determined to treat myself (not the nephews or nieces) but nothing says buy me.


Interesting we are not feeling the love for Johnnie and his new range. Glad to have your comments and feel exactly the same about the shift dress lorna.


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