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February 18, 2011


Gillian Taylor

I have one!! Like you saw it on Twitter ran down to Currys ran back et voila fab looking hair!!! I have two daughters who are hairdressers and they did not inherit their talent from me - I just cannot blow dry but with this wonderful invention I can at least make my hair look as if I have made a bit of an effort!


I'm definitely getting one now!


I think this may be my birthday present taken care of!
Shame I have to wait until the end of May!!
Z xx


Am getting it. Tomorrow. Oh yes, it WILL be mine!


I got mine last night! The big Boots on Oxford St had totally sold out, but they had quite a few still in John Lewis - for £44. Amazon also have them at £39.99 but to avoid paying for postage you have to wait about 4 days.


OMG, I relate so much to this. I never blow dry, in fact the only hair dryer I have is from the 1970's, so I am def buying one of these!


You are not going to regret it ladies. Welcome to world of BIG hair.

J x


Yes! Hairdressers DO make me fidgety, and no matter if I ask for a 'casual' blow dry, they always seem to spend an age making my hair looking totally alien , and then I end up feigning a yes, that's lovely expression....
You see I do blow dry my hair. But I blow dry it upside down, then flip it all to the left, blow dry, flip it to the right, blow dry, and voila! It's done! And with volume. Not exactly a polished look, but it works for me....
Would love to dry this gadget though, but before spending £40....

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I've been reading your blog for a while now and one of the reasons I love it is because it's honest and not PR-driven. I think you're absolutely right in defending the integrity of your blog. I've never posted a comment before, but felt that your commitment to your readers deserves this reader's support.
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Thanks, we do try to keep our opinions honest and never ever encourage anyone to buy anything unless we really think its amazing. So glad to hear that shines through. Keep reading

J x

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