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February 05, 2011


That's Not My Age

Hi Jane, this is a really good summary of the evening. It was interesting to hear Robin Derrick's thoughts - though personally I'd have liked a bit more about blogging and a bit less about advertising!

Might do a wee post myself.


Loren Cotter

As a budding fashion journalist (mostly just a blogger right now though..!) I find this kind of dialogue very interesting.

It's difficult for us newbies because we want to work in fashion, in magazines or PR - it's what we've always dreamed of. Yet we see that there are many in the fashion industry who just haven't caught on as quickly as bloggers to how the digital platforms are changing everything (and will change everything even further).

This makes it difficult when applying for positions in the industry. Do we pretend the digital revolution isn't happening to try to get that job with the company who still favour tradition? Or is it a selling point that we can and will embrace innovation? Of course, I believe in the latter, but do the employers??

My Friend's House

Hi Jane
I was there too, and first things first, she did look very chic and composed. However I was pretty shocked by some of the things revealed by Robin. Like for example Vogue are only just now having ideas about their writers shooting video on interviews. The friend I was with was totally exasperated at what she saw as complacency of these established brands. To Loren above I would suggest in just a few years journalists without digital experience will be looking very old fashioned and hard to employ.
Thanks for the write up - it was an interesting evening.


Actually it was Amanda who was there and wrote this post, I wish I had been able to make it.

You are right about journalists in the future having to have digital experience. Personally I think the term journalist may be wrong for the future. Its all about content, and that can be published on any number of platforms. Those who cant cross boundaries will be left behind. And thats not about age its about learning new skills and challenging established ways of thinking. It seems PR's and magazine publishing isn't always doing that at the moment.

Loren, my advice would be apply for those positions in industry and show them you have a variety of skills. If the are not interested, they are not for you. And carry on blogging, at the end of the day it will keep you sane, as it is your very own way of publishing what you believe in.
Good Luck

J x


Amanda here and I was pretty surprised at the way Robin described how 'behind' things are in some fashion institutions but I have to say that it's my experience that he's absolutely right.

He said a really interesting thing about most companies not having the work flow systems to cope with the new ideas you can initiate with online and that many companies are entrenched with inflexible 'old school' systems and ways of working. As he said, magazines have been doing what they've been doing for aeons and aren't that keen to change
I also think the magazine industry spent the first few years of watching blogs and video evolve thinking 'so what?' and were pretty dismissive of the whole thing. It's taking them a while to change their views. Ax

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My thoughts about how surface bursting the new electric types were for speaking and how quick everything going on. The new fashion app is, he seems, just the begin, the christening steps of what is absolutely going to change the way publications and manufacturers chat to clients.

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