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February 28, 2011


Jo Crisp

The girl in the middle of the 'shockingly skinny' girls is my god-daughter. She is 16 and really is that skinny naturally and so is her brother.


Interesting Jo that she is only 16 as of course it is entirely possible to be 16, very thin and very healthy. I suppose the question is, should the fashion industry be using 16 year old models to sell clothes which generally target an older consumer. As young girls bodies change so much as they grow up, should the way they look be held up as an example of what is fashionable?
Would be interested to hear what you (and your God daughter think?)



She might be a very healthy 16 year old Jo, but I still am not sure we should be encouraging such skinnies as aspirational role models to all teen girls. I'm sure she's thrilled as can be to be involved in the catwalks shows, but she probably unaware herself of the message her presence sends out to other girls. Do you think it's a good look, in all honesty? If you didn't know her to be a healthy girl, would you not think it was a worrying look? Ax

That's Not My Age

Love the Paul Smith and Jonathan Saunders pics - I'll be going for a retro tomboy feel this autumn, but there'll be no fur for me!


I'm with you in that one Alyson - no fur for me either, but will be definitely doing the 'retro tomboy look!

J x

Jo Crisp

Well, what do I think?
The thing is, because I know her, I know this is a really unflattering picture and does make her look skeletal. She did 9 shows and this is the worst picture there is.
She didn't particularly have aspirations to be a model, unlike some of the girls in The Model Agency, but was spotted about 4 years ago and the agency has followed her since. She and her mother, the opposite of pushy, kind of feel 'let's see where it goes at present and if it doesn't make her feel bad about herself, then give it a go'. She's back at school this week, didn't go to Milan.
It is a difficult issue as undoubtedly clothes look better on thin girls and I guess we prefer images of young girls rather than old fogeys like myself. And frankly I'd rather be thin - how nice to be able to eat what you want and not to always have to think about every bite that passes your lips. And while it may inspire some young girls towards anorexia, the reality is that there are more obese people than anorexics. And I don't think thin models are are the only reason for anorexia, there is much more going on there.
So really, I'm torn. A bit of a Lib-Dem answer.


well it's a very GOOD Lib Dem answer Jo! I agree whole heartedly on the fact that we should worry more about the increase in obesity, a real concern, and I would also prefer to be thin than overweight but I still get anxious looking at that picture.
And good luck your god daughter, we wish her well, but it's the effect of her projected image on the rest of the teen population out there that's up for discussion here. However healthy you know your god daughter to be, she's giving off an image that's skeletal.

When I interviewed Carole White from Premier, she said -interestingly- that often the younger girls, those around 16, could stuff their faces and not put on any weight....until they hit 19 and finished puberty and SUDDENLY what they ate mattered. The move from being naturally thin to needing to watch their weight often came as a shock, and Carole said it was then problems started.....

And can we just remind ourselves that using 16 year olds on a runway to sell clothes that mostly sell to the over 30s seems a bit archaic to us...but let's not even get STARTED on that argument!

What does anyone else think?

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