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February 15, 2011



As the possessor of very weak, flaky nails and being well over the age of 35 ( by about 30 years) would love to test these. I've tried various nail strengtheners over the years, none have been particularly successful.

sue Evans

I find nail hardeners a very neccessary addition to the beauty box now I am well over 35 (and some) -- so useful for encouraging nails to grow for all those things that are integral to a successful life in the fashion industry. You know things like, you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours ...... scratching those front row queue jumpers eyes out .....proving a canvas for all those gotta-have-it-ahead-of-the-fashion-pack nail colours .....


I am over 45 - Tomorrow is my 46th birthday !!! And my nails have been terrible for the last 5 years - I guess practically since I turned 40. I eat well, take supplements. I file my nails with a glass nail file, use different products to try to lure them to grow long and not break..... I have even collected some lovely nail varnish colours just to tempt them to please grow long & strong. Nothing has worked so far - But I have never tried OPI! Could that be the reason why?


Well Sue's response IS very funny, but she's already had a Tracey Anderson video ( are you fit and trim yet Sue?) so she is out of the running, quite liking the idea of making Marika's birthday special by awarding it to her, and Janet was quick off the mark, but plenty of time left yet, so anyone else think they might like to give this a go? Ax


I am over 35 ( by almost 2 decades). I find that despite taking supplements and eating a very healthy diet, my nails and hair are definitely thinning. Unfortunately my waistline is not, but perhaps if I have beautiful strong nails nobody will notice.


Clawing my way up the ladder to success has left my nails a right mess. Horribly splitty -- my poor cuticles are dry and cracked...and 35?...I have a LOT of practice being 35...done it for years (and years..and years...)


Oh dear, this is proving difficult to choose......Ax

sue Evans

Well, quite honestly I can't believe you don't want me to complete my new Gwynnie-like look with nails to match. That was a waste of time then ...... don't worry I'll just stand with my hands in my pockets.


I'm sorry Sue, I have just GOT to be tough. I have to share the love around, and I suspect that your new Gwyneth-is-my-role-model look might be as much as most people can handle in one sitting, fabulous nails (and neck.....) as well might mean people will stop loving you and start bitching that you have everything anyway...much like they do to poor Ms Paltrow, or Mrs Martin, however she refers to herself.

So I couldn't decide who was best, so I put the names in a hat (coffee mug actually) and pulled out Marika! and as it's her birthday that proves karma works, right? Marika mail me your address and I'll pop them in the post to you! Ax


Lucky Markia! I didn't feel I could apply for this as I am a long time user of these products (nearly 10 years), and I KNOW that they work...

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