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February 12, 2011



Look forward to that, heard VS interviewed and he is such an inspiration, his yoga moves are impressive! Those bottles sparked memories for me too.


In Leeds in the 70s THE place to have your hair done was Tassy's - he had been trained by Sassoon. I went there to have my long red hair cut - I came out looking like I had stepped out of a magazine - beautifully coiffured, long 'page boy' that tapered from my ears to the middle of my back in a point. When I washed it (not having the hairdressing skills then or now) it looked a total fright and continued to do so until I had the pointy bit cut off by a local hairdresser!


Oh I bet tassys was fabulous. My gay best friend when I was a teenager in Hull was called Slack, I bet he knew Tassy !!
J x


I remember Tassy's well. In 1967/68 I had thick curly frizzy hair, and thought they would never be able to do anything with it. I came out of there with the best style of my life, a short grecian, cropped close to my head, with long wisps of curls in the back, and they took me blonde. Fantastic.!!!!!!.. What ever happened to Tassy? I have been gone from the UK for many years.

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