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February 16, 2011


lisa taylor

im also loving all things 50s..........i have dedicated a whole area in my studio in spitalfields to the 1950s vibe,with my vintage chairs,side table and my gerald kelly print - will upload a pic on facebook

R. Kellock

As a young Painter and Decorator in the 50,s, I hung Sanderson Wall coverings ,regrettably not always the right way up!
The introduction of "Sanderson,s contemporary
designs" were innovative compared to the
floral patterns available but,required considerable expertise in interpreting what the designer envisaged, when hung
Never established whether the client realized wallpaper would have looked better,the right way up!
Grandad K

Belstaff Jackets

For any folks invested in more and better resident contribution, that is a knock back, i believe. But strangely enough, the newest one-pager Can involve many responsibilities around consultation.

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