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February 02, 2011



My friend's Dad got so fed up of the phone bill arriving and being well into the 100's (there were 3 kids) that he had a payphone installed. And then he set the minutes-to-10p rate really low. So we all had to scrabble around and save 10ps for the phone, donating or selling them to our friends and then when their Dad would empty the phone he would (the horror!) SELL the 10ps back to his kids, to teach them a lesson.

We were all appalled at the time, but we do fall about laughing at it now.

(friends weren't particularly young, 20, 18, 14? so it was probably exactly what we all needed. But the shame!)


I still shudder with embarrassment (30+ years on) when I remember how my Dad used to give my boyfriends hilarious nicknames. So, when Peter rang, without covering the mouthpiece, Dad would call upstairs "Pedro's on the phone!!"

sue Evans

How lucky you all were -- a phone at home AND a phone table. The luxury !! I used to have to go down to the phone box at the top of our road if I wanted to phone my BF way back in the day. Hardly anyone had phones at home in the early 60s when I was an angst-ridden teen and in fact my parents never had a phone installed until the late 70s. And yet we still managed to comminucate ( not sure how -- carrier pigeon ? Well it was Liverpool where everyone had a pigeon loft in the back yard !)and meet up without any problems. I find it weird that everyone I work with ( all under 30) have never really known life without a mobile phone. And as you say Jane, for Florence's generation a phone is not an option but an integral part of themselves. I wonder if my phone-deprived childhood and teens has affected my personal choice to forever remain mobile-less ?


Oh the JOY of a party line snoop- if only they still existed- I'd REALLY appreciate it now!

Remember Dial a Disc? I tried explaining that concept to the teens recently. Listen to a song (or half a song if you didn't time it right)on the PHONE? ER ..why did we do that?


OOoo I could have written this! Thanks for bringing back the bad old 70's! Our hallway always seem to be a 'busy' place when I wanted to use the phone ( an elegant cream number) and why were halls sooooo cold, even in a new build house? Oh yes, thats because the builders charged 'extra' for full gas central heating and my parents were saving for it!!


Ok Sue gets the prize for the most difficult teenage years, and STILL no phone. Thats impressive. I have to have one, if only to constantly text the teens the same thing - 'where are you'?

Dial a disc, now there's a blast from the past. It sounded SO bad, I remember it well!!

And I love the 10p story, can you still get pay phones?

J x


What an excellent recollection! Why do we even need a phone function on our phones when everything is text based anyway? My mum MADE our telephone table in carpentry classes (and a lovely tea trolley as well which was painted in, er, brown gloss - well it was the 70s). LOVED dial-a-disc too, but quite a mad concept to think about it in today's context.


Think that tea trolley sounds quite nice Navaz!


PS. good luck tonight

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