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February 04, 2011



well I read yesterday that they are remaking Dallas, picking up in 'real-time' and concentrating on the now grown -and presumably very troubled -up kids of JR, Bobby and co. So why not 30 Something? Ax


So JR would be a porn king/captain of industry and Sue Ellen either dead or a born again Hari Krishna. Would love to see that.

J x


I loved this show, built my evening's outings around it so I wouldn't miss a week. I can't believe it was only on for four years, actually . . . We don't have this channel, but if I ever see the DVDs available . . .

Slow Panic

I used to watch thirtysomething in my dorm room. I wanted to be them! Every time I see a rerun on TV I can't quite bring myself to watch it though -- I don't think it would be the same now that I know what the 30s (and the first years of the 40s) are really like. The things that would hit home would be just to close to home maybe....


You clearly haven't been watching the series 'Brothers and Sisters' .... It took me a few episodes to recognise Ken Olin as he had gained considerable weight++++ - also he plays opposite 'Nancy' who plays a similarly rather neurotic character (but has aged well since her thirtysomething days). ...


I did watch Thirtysomething from episode one when I was quite newly married, in my late 20s with a new baby and loved every episode. So when I found myself watching it today with my 22 year old on Atlantic, could not believe how dated it seemed. Remember at the time we thought it was so cutting edge and the fashions were to die for and we thought Gary was so hot - my 22 year old found this incredible! And yes I do watch Brothers and Sisters and can't believe how Ken Olin (Michael) has aged but like to think Nancy/Holly/Patricia Wetting has aged much more graciously. Did we really have so much hair flying around in the 80s and were our clothes that baggy?


Ok going to buy the box set of Brothers and Sisters right now and I dont care if Ken Olin is fat, I will always love him. I once set next to him in a bar in Greenwich Village and I have never been so star struck/embarrassed in my whole life!!

And yes Catherine, why did we wear such baggy clothes in the 80's - I wasted the fact I was thin then !!



Loved this series. Nothing else since can compare. Great writing, great acting, great music, great lighting...it was an amazing and beautiful production. Love Ken Olin :)

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